4G Signal Boosters

These Mobile Repeater signal boosters will boost your external 4G signal and bring a powerful 4G signal throughout  any building. Just buy your 4G also know as LTE signal booster, install, enjoy!

To work you much have 4G outdoors, no 4G signal indoors is fine thats is what the booster will fox but it does need a input signal from outside, even a weak signal is fine but the stronger the better coverage you will receive. You can choose any of the 4G boosters below. Each networks operates 4G/LTE on a separate frequency so we can help you decide the one you need for sure if you email or call us. The 4G booster you need will depend on your network. Mobile repeater has been working and testing boosters in South Africa till we have the best quality equipment and have teams of engineers available to do surveys and installation (charged) all over the country.

You can have a 4G booster or view our full range of boosters that work on all voice as well for homes/small offices as well as large office and buildings.

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